Kasetsart University (KU)

Faculty of Economics

Center for International Affairs (ECIA)

Bangkok, Thailand


ECIA supports the many international programs and activities sponsored by the KU Faculty of Economics.


Primary focus is on the Faculty of Economics’ premier international programs, the Entrepreneurial Economics Bachelor of Arts (EEBA) and the Bachelor of Economics (BEcon), which are 4-year bachelor degree programs, and the Master’s and Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics.


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COLLABORATIVE OBJECTIVES:                                         

The Faculty of Economics together with the Kasetsart University International Studies Center supports a large number of collaborative student and faculty programs. ECIA has embarked on a deliberate effort to expand exchange connections with highly regarded universities in Europe, North America, Australia, and other parts of Asia.


The Faculty of Economics seeks to provide a rigorous, rewarding academic and cultural experience to international visiting scholars and students.  Initiatives include student and faculty exchange programs, affiliated progressive degree programs, short-term practical training modules, joint research projects or field placements/internships, in addition to the bachelor degree study programs intending to prepare students for graduate studies, and postgraduate degree programs. 



Semester 1:  August to December

Semester 2:  January to May


OUR FACULTY:                                                                    

All of the faculty members who teach in the Faculty of Economics’ international programs completed their Ph.D. in English language programs from highly ranked foreign universities.



Approximately 20% of our alumni pursue postgraduate degrees abroad. Our alumni have undertaken postgraduate studies in a variety of disciplines in highly regarded universities located in Europe (mostly the U.K. and Germany), the U.S.A., China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.



Each semester, the Faculty of Economics invites several foreign faculty members to teach in our degree programs. Visiting scholars and lecturers are invited to lecture in the regularly scheduled classes and are funded (transportation, accommodations, and expense stipend) for short visits, typically 7 to 10 days. It is our goal to introduce our students to distinguished faculty, to highlight study opportunities abroad (as undergraduate exchange students or as postgraduate degree students), and to strengthen links with our partner universities.



  • Okayama – Kasetsart International Practical Environmental Education Program Project, JAPAN
  • Exchange Student Program with University of Tsukuba, JAPAN
  • Exchange Student Program “Integrated Agricultural Development for Environmental Friendly” with Kyoto University, Japan
  • SMART Joint Research Program with Cornell University, USA
  • AIMS / Asia International Mobility of Students, ASEAN



  • Information about Exchange or Visiting Student Studies Abroad
  • Researching Degree Programs and Applying to Postgraduate Studies Abroad
  • How to Prepare Your Resume
  • How to Prepare Your Statement of Purpose
  • How to Prepare for Job Application Cover Letter
  • Internship Placement Opportunities
  • How to Spend Your Summer Abroad
  • Orientation &Buddy Program / Matching Thai and Foreign Visiting Students
  • Short-term Study Tour Programs


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